Mak7teen Music Group - Mak7teen

Mak7teen is a Sacramento entrepreneur that knows how to rap and produce. He has been on the underground scene for 20+ years and spent a majority of his career on the run, from the police. In 2016 all of that came to an end and now, he's legally ready to be seen and heard, by the entire world. 

Over the years Mak7teen has perfected his freestyle flow and has begun to put it all down on paper and or in his mobile device. Just to give his listeners the music they love to hear.

He has always been surrounded by dope producers and dope artists, so he knows good music and how to create it.

Starting out his music career in 1994, in a rap group called "The 1st 100" then known as BlakAz and working with an engineer by the name of Ken Favors, over at Vision Studios in Sacramento Ca. From 1999-2005 Mak7teen then went on a musical run, going from Sacramento to L.A. making a name for himself. Working with many different artists and producers from, Filthy Phil G. to Young Collage, Big Dave, Ken Favors, J-Killa, Young Sick & Boo Dog, Pisto, Young Terrible, Pak Man, Lil Uzzy Mak, and Buzz Tone, just to name a few.

Then between the years of 2008 - 2012, he began to gather beats from producers like CMPLX, J.A.M., Pockets, Young Jerz and Ant Beats. Giving him the energy needed to make music again.

In years between 2008 - 2012, he started to record at home due to the request for more music, from his listeners.

Mak7teen caught a case in 2015 and used that time, to get his things in gear and put his music career at the top of his priority list.

And now here we are in 2017 and he has hit the scene with a lot of his works, put together on two albums "From BlakAz To the Mak7teen & RealBizNoLie" and a record company called Mak7teen Music Group and if that's not enough to make you say wow. Mak7teen is about to drop his third album this year called "How I Got To Where I'm At". With production from producers like Filthy Phil Gonzalez, Jay GP Bangz, SoSpecialMG, SF Traxx & VP Rube. With special guest features from Young Sick, RioBarz, Sir E-Moe and Lisha Henderson.

Also in 2017 Mak7teen featured on a song produced by Mr. G called Winner, By Don Blanco & SB on their new album "Let's Eat". Mak7teen has also worked with Mr. G. from KWI Ent. for his next project coming soon!

Mak7teen personally thanks, everyone, for their constant love and support, WORLDWIDE! Be sure to check out the -How I Got To Where I'm At- music video on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, LiknedIn and more....